X2 Football 2009

X2 Football 2009 2.1

Realistic soccer sim for iPhone


  • Excellent graphics and animations
  • Comfortable, natural control system
  • Superb sound effects and commentary
  • Wide selection of teams, with real player names


  • No multiplayer mode


I'm a huge fan of console football sims, but have yet to find a decent soccer game on the iPhone - until I played X2 Football 2009, that is.

This excellent soccer simulation looks and feels a lot like Pro Evolution Soccer, only a little scaled back, of course. The control system in X2 Football 2009 will feel very comfortable and familiar for anyone who has played a football game on their console. On the left of the screen is an analog 'stick' which controls the movement of the players, and on the right are a series of three buttons for passing, shooting, lobbing, tackling, changing player, etc. The actions of the buttons depend on whether you are attacking or defending. It doesn't take long to get used to the controls, but there's plenty of help within the game if you get stuck.

The graphics and animation in X2 Football 2009 are polished and the game physics are impressively realistic. The sound effects and commentary have been lovingly implemented too, making for an absorbing and enjoyable football experience. I also love the fact that all the teams in the game have real player names and authentic kits. There's a decent selection of international sides to choose from but no club teams unfortunately.

Expecting an iPhone soccer sim to play like a FIFA or a Pro Evo is asking a bit much I guess. X2 Football's main limitations are in its lack of tricks and special moves, and the fact that there's no two-player mode.

On the whole though, X2 Football 2009 is an enjoyable soccer game, which raises the bar for the genre on the iPhone.

X2 Football 2009


X2 Football 2009 2.1

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